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Giant Children in Comics and Animation

Drawing by Ochiko Terada

This website aims to compile the appearances of giant children characters in comics and animation. This may eventually be extended to other forms of illustrated fiction, such as fine arts, illustration and video games.

This website aims to be of divulgative nature, and captures and summaries intend to illustrate the depiction of the topic at hand in different illustrated arts, regions and periods. All characters in it belong to the people and companies who originally created them. No challenge of copyright is intended, and no profit is made on this website.

Recent updates
Date Comic Animation Fanart
2021-01-28 One Piece
2020-06-16 Macross Frontier
2020-05-04 Midori

Notice (2020/05/04): The website's rebuilding is now complete.

Notice (2020/04/30): I have decided to rebuild the website from scratch because I wasn't satisfied with the approach and structuring. All the material I have compiled so far should be restored in a matter of days or a couple weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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