Calvin & Hobbes

Artist Bill Watterson A groundbreaking cartoon strip ranging from over-the-top humor to philosophy about a mischievous 6 year old boy and his maybe magically alive, maybe imaginary stuffed tiger friend. Calvin is shown fantasizing about becoming a rampaging giant (also featured in a back cover illustration) and equally destructive giant creatures (a dinosaur, a giant ant), and actually growing up to cosmic proportions through a whole strip arc, which may be real or imaginary.
Originally published in Universal Press Syndicates
Personal advisory rating PG

Children - Two Witches

Artist Toshio Nobe This oneshot is a comedy about two sisters with magical powers, the youngest of whom decides to teleport giant-sized to the mid of Tokyo and have some fun after her big sister's boyfriend would rather watch TV than play with her. Apparently it was included in the last volume of Nobe's then ongoing series Myu no densetsu, which is referenced in the story.
Originally published in Shonen Big (Shogakukan)
Personal advisory rating PG 13

Dr. Slump

Artist Akira Toriyama A merry madcap comedy about the life of lecherous genius inventor Sembei Norimaki and his happy-go-lucky, oddball little girl robot Arale, who occasionally uses Sembei's inventions to make herself giant (ch. 8), as well as her friend Pisuke (ch. 63), or transform into a giant monster (ch. 149). All these sequences are rather short, consisting in one or two frames, punchline style. See below for the anime adaptation.
Originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha)
Personal advisory rating PG


Artist Hiroya Oku A dark sci-fi twist on traditional tokusatsu where a porn actress is granted a device allowing her to grow gigantic and uses it to defend Tokyo against rampaging monsters called on through Internet polls by what seems to be an alien A.I. Chapters 25 to 27 feature her boyfriend struggling to survive as apparently brainwashed gigantized children attack his high school.
Originally published in Big Comic Superior (Shotakukan)
Personal advisory rating R


Artist Suehiro Maruo This notoriously twisted and gruesome surreal underground manga is a grand guignol-style satire on old Japanese folk melodramas of the "naive young girl in poverty ends up finding happiness" kind set in a Meiji era freak circus. In chapter 4, as the other performers mistreat Midori they suffer a hallucination of her growing giant.
Originally published in Seirin Kogeisha
Personal advisory rating R


Dexter's Laboratory

Animation studio Hanna-Barbera A cartoon about a genius boy inventor with a secret lab in his home, unknown to his parents but not to his hyperactive and rather looney sister DeeDee, who keeps meddling with his experiments. In the second pilot, later inserted in the series as episode 6, she grows gigantic after tricking Dexter to feed her a mutation-inducing cookie.
Originally broadcasted in Cartoon Network
Personal advisory rating PG

Dr. Slump

Animation studio Toei Animation TV adaptation of Akira Toriyama's manga series (see above). All three mentioned chapters are adapted, in episodes 5, 31 and 107 respectively. The first one is expanded into a full scene, while the other two remain shorter but have some additions.
Originally broadcasted in Fuji TV
Personal advisory rating PG

Dragon Tales

Animation studio Yearim Productions An educational preschool cartoon where two siblings (Emmy and Max) travel to a magical land inhabited by friendly dragons through a magic feather to play with them and usually come back having learned some life lesson. In episode 31 Emmy is snatched by a playful little trollgirl and in episode 45 Max grows increasingly gigantic as he unknowillingly wishes for it at a magical pond.
Originally broadcasted in CBC
PBS Kids
Personal advisory rating G

Gulliver's Travels / The Land of Giants
(Los viajes de Gulliver)

Animation studio Estudios Cruz Delgado This free theatrical adaptation of Jonathan Swift's novel is based in Gulliver's adventures in Brobdingnag unlike most which focus in the better-known Lilliput book (a Lilliput sequel was planned but ultimately unrealized). It partially focuses in the friendship between Gulliver and Glumdalclitch, which here seem to have the same age. These are the most inspired parts of the film.
Originally broadcasted in Movie theaters
Personal advisory rating G

Jackie Chan Adventures

Animation studio Dong Woo Animation
Lotto Animation
A fantasy adventure series starring an archaeologist alter ego along of Jackie Chan searching along with his wizardry-proficient uncle and his niece Jade for a set of powerful magic talismans scattered throughout the world before they fall in the hands of criminal syndicates and evil wizards. In episode 63 Jade grows increasingly bigger due to a magic potion while looking for a talisman in London and fights a giant orc invoked by the villain.
Originally broadcasted in Kids' WB
Personal advisory rating PG